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Virtual Harvard

Rus Gant / Adam Middleton /

Katherine Beaty / Iulian Radu

HUVAR was joined by a panel of diverse practitioners to learn more about Virtual Harvard! Where it’s been, where it’s going, and how to get inspired about the use of 360º and 3D data to support Teaching, Learning and Discovery across Harvard.

Rus Gant, Harvard Visualization Research & Teaching Lab
Adam Middleton, Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East
Katherine Beaty, Harvard Library Weissman Preservation Center
Iulian Radu, GSE Learning, Innovation and Teaching Lab Makerspace

(Image courtesy Iulian Radu)

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Digital Accessibility

Ashley Coffey: Inclusive Design in XR

Ashley Coffey of XALTER, the XR Association, and President of Oklahoma Women in Tech brought us up to date on accessibility best practices while designing immersive experiences.

You can view Ashley’s slide presentation here.

(Image courtesy XRA)

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Quantum Physics in VR

Eva Wolfangel

Tim Menke

HUVAR was joined by collaborators Eva Wolfangel and Tim Menke to share their Quantum Physics in VR project via VRChat which brought into being the concepts behind quantum mechanics and the implications of working together across the globe in VR.

Eva was the 2020 MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow, and is a journalist exploring immersive culture.

Tim is a doctorate candidate at Harvard and MIT developing superconducting quantum processors.

(Image: Quantum Mechanics in VRChat)

blog talks

Blended Reality @ Yale

Randall Rode:

Yale’s Center for Collaborative Arts and Media

HUVAR was visited by XR guru and project director of Yale University’s Blended Reality program, Randall Rode.

Randall shared insight into the process of experimentation, leveraging corporate sponsorship, and implementation of an XR framework in the educational context.

(Image courtesy Blended Reality)